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Fri. Feb 20, 2015

Today Ry went to Dr. Kouyoujmin…Adam. His knee has torn miniscus…MRI to confirm Mon. :oops: He saw the nurse first, then a nicer dressed woman whom he says was “attractive and older” came in and started the examination. Ry assumed she was a doctor caused she looked at his knee and such. The entire time he was thinking the doctor’s name was Adam, right? Lol well she left and then Dr. Adam walked in…he thought he was silly for not knowing but I can see his confusion. Anywho she had to drain the liquid from his knee and when she was making a mark with a pen Ry looked away and not knowing what she was doing made a noise like that hurt…she said “that was just the pen”. LOL…he didn’t like the fact that she was draining fluid from his knee. Poor baby.

Then when he went off to get his MRI, he almost took his “skippies” off with the window open. :mrgreen: lol

What a silly boy. He is gonna need to be taken care of when he gets his surgery. Prayers he will be okay…my baby love!

We were talking about his younger years of hockey and four wheeling and why his knee busted and how he is done. I know he is still good to go…he just needs to take it easy for a bit. He mentioned how during my 22nd bday, I got completely wasted off all the patron I was given. In the late night hours, our neighbor at Little Elm had a scooter bike…he said I hopped on it and drove off super fast and he was so worried that I would crash…but I didn’t and I came back then went again…ahh the good ol days….I remember riding a Segway too and crashing into the sidewalk…fun times.

Hardest day ever…09/17/14

We knew it was only a matter of time before THE TIME would come. Our worst fear. It was time to say goodbye to our 4 year old Great Dane, Thor.

I had been preparing myself for this day but all my planning was not enough. This is my baby! The youngest of our pack. Thor would be 5 in December. He brought joy to so many people. How can we do this to him when he is so young? The answer? We couldn’t keep being selfish when he was getting more uncomfortable and in so much more pain. It wasn’t fair to him even though it felt unfair to us that we had to make this decision.

Ry called me around 11:30 at work and told me how Thor was crying even more than usual, even after taking 5 pain pills and he just couldn’t get comfortable on the bed. At this point his tumor in his shoulder was 3 times bigger than when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in mid August. I already knew what he was going to say. “It’s time”. Immediately I started to shake and started preparing to leave work.


So on Tuesday 8/19, we took Thor to the vet to see about his dislocated shoulder. Turned out to be progressive bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. When Ry told me the news, I broke down and wept in a hidden cubicle at work.

Thor is pretty active since being put on his meds. He is alert and happy (or as happy as he can be under the circumstances) and makes me love him so much more. I truly am going to miss him when he is gone but will love him as much as I can now.


Hawaii June 2013

For my b-day 2013, Vicki bought us tickets to go back to Maui! We stayed at the Maui Kaanapali Villas on the other side of black rock. Super nice place close to the pool and ocean! We had lots of fun swimming in the ocean, in the pool, shopping in Lahaina. We also went to the luau next door which was super fun. I snorkeled alot this time! So awesome!

My 27th B-Day Week – 2014

Officially on Staycation mode Fri. June 13th. First things first I’m the realist :) So fancy…you already know! My hun got me a new LG G2 phone since my Samsung sucks! And a new WII U! Super Mario Bros! Thanks my love! U R the best!

Saturday, Met up with Karen, Yume (thanks for bringing us Yume!) and Trang at Main Event. We bowled, played laser tag and games!  Thanks Karen! Jenny, Branden, Sarean and Deann and Mark stopped by as well. I was handed two shots..yikes. Choc. Cake and scooby doo snack to be precise. Yum. Afterwards we headed to Vee’s for a nightcap. Captain Morgan it is. This is what happens when family peer pressure you. Thanks for being our driver home Trang! Super fun. Stayed up past my bedtime.



Sunday, busy day! My official birthday plus Father’s Day! We took mom to the store for food and as she cooked for get together later Bong Nan and Van took us to Lin’s Buffet where we had more shots at noon. Lol. Stuffed myself with food then home for party and more food. Lots of fam came to celebrate with me as well as all the fathers. I got lots of fun gifts from my cousins, friends and family. Thank you very much!





On Thursday, Juneteenth, Ry and I went to Cabela’s for an adventure. We needed to get my bow fixed for summer time fun. Kevin at the bow station was nice and helpful and I was able to shoot my bow pretty good. Needs to be adjusted slightly. While standing there Ryan saw the bow he wanted on clearance. I told him it was his chance to get it. He hesitated but then said okay. When Kevin finished up with my bow, Ryan went to have him set it up when he asked if he was a lefty too. Ry was holding that thing for 30 mins…deflated from the shock of not realizing this he went to look at right handed bows…he found the Bear for $100 off…$599.99. We decided he should buy it and now he is so very very happy. 😁 Anything for my love!

We also decided to go ahead and get the Ruger 22 Lasermax…it is sweet! It was on sale for $269.99…$80 off due to an ad error! Score! Great b-day present…thanks Britt and baby! We have fun!


On Fri. June 20th, Ry and I went to Lone Star Park with Chris and his fiancee Allison. It was our first meeting since Chris came from Afghanistan. It was a fun night! Especially since I won $38.70 on a bet and Ry won $48something. We also won our last race with a trifecta that Ry chose! $145! Chris and Allison also won! It was the cherry on top of a great night.

How my parents met…

My parents met when they were living in Carrollton Tx. My daddy says my mom was a meanie and was not interested in boys…he said he wanted to see if he could get her to be nice to him and to like him. His parents (my grandpa&grandma wanted him to settle down cause he was a flirt ;) My mom was very beautiful, still is ;)….. he convinced her to date him and she ended up falling in love…. they married and now all these years later… through all the ups and downs…3 kids and 4 grand babies and 4 grand pups later…still happy and making the most of their lives together!

Valentine’s Day 2013

Today is just another day but with the notion that this day is about Love…well my bunny and I dont really need an excuse to celebrate love cus we do it daily. He did surprise me with a so called letter that I thought was work was a romantic letter for me instead! The best gift I could ever receive from him! Had me tearing up at my desk! He is the best husband, lover and best friend ever! Love u baby!!!

Ryan’s near death experience

Yesterday, Jan 28, 2013, Ryan was working on his truck and he was half in, half out in 1st gear w/ the emergency brake on…he did something that turned the brake off and he started rolling down towards the neighbors fence! With his quick thinking he somehow got hisself in the truck and parked…he is so blessed to have God watching over him bc he was extremely close to death or major pain. I am so glad he is ok and that he is not a pansy cause his quick thinking saved his life! Thank you Jesus for watching over my baby! He told me he was a foot away frm hitting the neighbor’s fence. Thank ya Jesus for that as well!

Hawaii Feb 2012

Last year Ryan and I went to Maui with the Duncan family. We met up with Britt and Aunt Leslie and Grandma Duncan. We went to celebrate Grandma Duncan’s 70th Bday! We stayed at the Maui Marriott Resort! It was beautiful and so much fun! We would sit and swim in the pool, swim in the ocean, snorkel, went shopping in Lahaina, shopped at Whaler’s Village, Ry went deep sea fishing with Britt and his cousins, we went to a Luau, there was so much to do! It was a blast! We are going again in June with Vicki and Jenn! I can’t wait!

Important Dates

November 9th 2006 – Alina’s B-day

December 10th 2006 – Our First Date @ Cheesecake Factory, Stonebriar Mall, Frisco, TX

April 4th – Grandma’s B-day

July 12th 2007 – Grandma passed away

October 25th 2007 –¬†Officially bf/gf

November 10th 2007 – We said I LOVE YOU for the 1st time.

February 1st 2008 – Saly’s B-day, Saly passed away.

April 24th 2008 – Got my IUD

June 17th 2008 – Ryan proposed in Cancun Mexico

December 3rd 2008 – Camilla’s B-day

March 10th 2009 – Natalia’s B-day

April 29th 2009 – Salleah’s B-day

July 24th 2009 – Skylar’s B-day

September 11th 2009 – Dylan’s B-day

September 19th 2009 – Our Wedding Day

January 16th 2010 – Ryan brought Wilbur home!

May 10th 2010 – Got Thor!

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