Fun Weekend


It’s the 1st of the month! Friday after work we went to Snuffers for dinner with the Fajersons. I had the delicious Black Angus steak fingers and Ry had the Bleu cheese bacon burger. We also made it in time for happy hour so I had a frozen margarita rimmed with sugar and Ry had a long island iced tea which tasted great. Our food was taking awhile so Wes asked the waitress, Simone about more drinks at the happy hour price. She had the mgr come over and Wes was going to act like he was upset but he laughed and told him about having to wait so long for our dinner so the manager gave us happy hour priced drinks and we had another round. I got pretty buzzed 🙂 Sweet! Wasn’t even a big deal but they were nice and happy about us being nice instead of jerks like some ppl can be. After dinner which was great, we stopped by Brookshires so Lauren could pick up a birthday card and Wes and Ry helped an older lady jump start her car, which was a nice deed. We went home after and watched the new movie with The Rock and Kevin Hart about the CIA. Super funny! 

After we hung out a little while longer, went home and Ry prepped for his 1st day of bow hunting on our land. 

He woke up at 6AM Saturday and came home around 9:30AM when I finally woke up. He saw several deer but none close enough to shoot. Thursday before we saw several on Wes’ and knew they would be around (below) plus we saw some on our land by our feeder.

After getting up and planning our day, we ended up finding someone on Craigslist selling their deep freezer. Only 2 years old and looked brand new so we offered $100 and they accepted. They were in Trenton, TX about 30 mins from us so we went on a lil adventure. On the way there we saw several Dirt Track cars on trailers heading for the Super Bowl Speedway in Greenville. After getting our freezer from some nice folks who happened to be living their own similar dream to ours but with goats, we made the decision to make tonight our final Race Night! #Datenight

Guess where we were?

Super bowl speedway was pretty packed and since there was no entry fee for cars we saw sooo many Modified including TX Outlaw and Topless. The stock and factory races were good too even though there were a lot of cautions with most of the races due to the dirt becoming so slick. Corndog and hotdogs were delish! We had a ball! Afterwards we even stopped at Mickey D’s. Great night with my love!


Lots of relaxin and hanging out. 

Date Night Sept. 23


This weekend:

Friday after work, we went over to Jill n Wes’and had delicious fried fish, fries, tots & hush puppies (yum!)…also brought over mom’s eggrolls. After dinner, we stayed and watched the new MacGyver which was good and Hawaii 5-0! Also had some delicious chillable boxed red wine. Stayed over and hung out on the patio until past midnight.

Saturday we woke up around 11 and made plans to go see baby Ophelia Fae and visit with our friends. She is so adorable and tiny. Such a precious baby girl. So happy for our friends Vann n Alli!

After our visit, we went to Cabela’s to get Ry’s broadhead tips for his arrows. Deer season is almost upon us and we will be able to hunt on our land for the 1st time since we bought the land in 2012! 

We went home after a quick  Walmart stop and prepped to go TO THE DIRT TRACK RACES in Greenville! Date Night! We bought sub sandwiches and packed sweet tea and went to see our final night of racing. We didn’t leave our seats all night. What a fun, awesome night with my love!

Sunday was all relaxing and chillin. 🙂 we know how to get lit! 

Unofficial Move Day!


February 20th, we unofficially moved everything except our bedroom at mom and dads. Next Sat we will bring our bed and final items! So exciting! We took our 1st bath! This is our new home that we have waited almost 1 whole year to get into (bought home Feb 2015), almost 3 years (moved in Feb 10, 2013) at my parents but so worth the wait! So blessed to have supportive parents. Next week here we come!



2015 was a swirl of ups and downs for us. We purchased our home in Feb. and we closed in March but due to weather (rain) did not have it transferred to our land until July or Aug. Since the home has been there we have electric and although we are paying for water, water is not hooked up to the house. On Halloween we thought for sure the septic and water would be done but more RAIN has slowed our progression.

We continue to save in 2016 to have funds for fencing and cows, our dreams are closer to reality but this weather is holding us back. We are thankful for what we have and what we will have in the future.

Ry’s 31st Birthday Trip


My baby face looking husband turned 31 on Oct 25th, 2015 and for his b-day we decided to visit our farm in Missouri. We met up with Britt and had an awesome trip considering Ry got a brand new 16 foot trailer for an awesome price and got some work accomplished. Britt brought our Landmaster side by side down so we were able to bring it back home with us on Tues (10/27) along with the tiller Britt gave us. We are so thankful since our farm in TX is super muddy when it rains so it will definitely be needed. Things are coming along and I’m so happy my baby got to celebrate his birthday with Blimpie.