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Family Tree


Mom & Dad = Linda, Leeanna, Dennis

Yung & Linda = Lynden, Alina, Dylan

Ryan & Leeanna = Hemi, Sophie, Max & Thor (Our Pups)

Dennis & Shay = Natalia

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Babies on the Brain!


Recently, I have had babies on the brain! Not one of my own, but just babies in general. Hubs and I have discussed this and we are still young and newly married (2 years on 9/19!) so babies should be far from our mind. We have 4-legged babies and those are enough to last us a lifetime considering we have 4! BUT, babies are EVERYWHERE! I have so many friends and family members that have had recently or are having babies! It’s crazy! Anywho, since I don’t plan on having one of my own anytime soon, I have decided that I will continue to just live VICARIOUSLY through my friends and family and pretend that their kids are my kids. Bonus for me is that I can give them back when I’m done! I like being the fun, cool aunt to my 2 nieces and 2 nephews anyway, but I guess as they all say, it’s not the same as having your own! Oh well. Babies like to cry, and poop. They spit up and Cry. I can barely handle my dogs without giving them a pat on the nose for being bad so I will just keep my life the way it is. Maybe one day in the future when I’m 29 and a half, I will decide with Hubs that we want one of our own. Maybe we won’t, Maybe we will always be the awesome couple that gets to travel and do what we want when we want because we have the freedom to do so! That sounds like an awesome plan to me!!!!