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Labor Day


Labor Day weekend is coming up! I don’t really care about the holiday, but I am truly excited since I will be off of WORK for a full WEEK! Thursday night, after work, Ry and I will be hopping into the Honda and taking a 10 Hr ride to STL….We will be there until the 12th!!!! The biggest SUCK is not the Car ride there, it’s the fact that I will be missing my nephew, Dylan’s FIRST birthday in addition to his sister’s FOURTH birthday! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I missed my niece, Natalia’s FIRST birthday in March when we were vacationing in Cali………SUCKS! They are my little babIES….I will be taking them to celebrate as soon as I get back!! Details to come later!

(We are actually driving up to MO this Friday for Corey’s wedding. Stinker decided to plan his wedding the week before Labor Day so now we will be driving up TWICE!)




So this weekend was fun! Here is a recap…probably will be long!

Friday was PAYDAY! Thank goodness because FLO still has not refunded us our insurance money. Also lucky is the fact that I got paid and then NTTA decided to take 40 dollars from my account! So glad it was such perfect timing cause I sure did not want to get a $35 dollar fee. We went ONE week with only 2 dollars in our bank account! We definitely will not be doing that again and will be working extra hard to overcome the life of a person who lives paycheck to paycheck. It is such a pain! Anywho we needed groceries and dog food so after I got off of work, we went shopping. Ry decided that he wanted to get rid of two eVil starfish in our Tank (Sorry Patrick), so we went to the Fish store first. We needed to get Aptasia X (to get rid of the aptasia in our tank) and luckily Trey is Awesome and we ended up doing a fair trade! After that we headed to Wally World! We spent $203 dollars! bye bye hard-earned money! HI HI groceries, dog food and Oil for my Car! 🙂 I think that was a good trip. We definitely got our money’s worth. Lots of food to get us through at least 2 weeks..HOPEFULLY! Ry eats like THOR (a horse)! We left Walmart and dropped by Sonic to get an amazing Orange Slush and a Chili Cheese Dog for Ry…I got sausage biscuits that were mediocre, but no complaints since I was too tired to cook anything. The Orange Slush is too DIE for! YUM! At home, we cleaned out the fridge, stocked our pantry and put everything in its place. Ry fixed the racks in the freezer that kept falling off! Thank God for an Awesome Husband who knows how to rig things up. 🙂 After everything was put up, we took a nice bath and then got into bed to watch GAMER with Gerard HOTTIE Butler. Good Movie. Kept me awake. 😉

Saturday I woke up around 10 and ate some Cocoa Puffs. Yum! Can’t get enough! Waited for Ry to get up and then he decided to fix our sprinklers. That took forever. I sat around and watched TV. Around 3, Kora texted me to see if I wanted to go shopping. At first I said no since I didn’t want to spend money, but then Ry said go for it since him and Chris would be changing our oil. YAY! Permission to Spend! This is the part where VS rocks! I got ready and Kora and I left to Stonebriar. We went to Express first, since that was the whole reason for the visit. Kora found some really cute shirts, but as we were waiting in line to purchase, she thought maybe she could get some awesome shoes for the price of the shirts. We decided we would wait and go look around the mall. So then we went into VS. I had a free panty card so I wanted to take advantage. The card was also for $10 off a purchase so I ended up getting 6 REALLY CUTE and SEXY panties for $16! YEAHH!! Then Kora wanted to go to BEBE and she found these stir up/thigh high things that make you look like you’re wearing thigh high boots. She became obsessed! lol….she tried them on, decided she didn’t like them, we left…then decided she wanted them..we went in there 3 times and finally she tried them on with skinny jeans to get a good look and the zipper was broke. I told her she might as well get real over-the-knee boots so she said ok. It was fun times!!! We will definitely be doing it again…possibly tonight! hehe. I also got my grill pan at Macy’s! OMG I LOVE IT! I made Rosemary Ranch Chicken on it and it was the best thing ever!!! At home, we watched the UFC fight. Fun Saturday with great friends! Except that Kora knocked out after 1 margarita. hehe. She was tired, not drunk.

Ry liked my panties. lol. He saw them in the bag in the closet. He is a dork. Anywho, I love panties, it’s one of my obsessions and things I like to collect. HAHA. Fun weekend! Fun times!