Unofficial Move Day!


February 20th, we unofficially moved everything except our bedroom at mom and dads. Next Sat we will bring our bed and final items! So exciting! We took our 1st bath! This is our new home that we have waited almost 1 whole year to get into (bought home Feb 2015), almost 3 years (moved in Feb 10, 2013) at my parents but so worth the wait! So blessed to have supportive parents. Next week here we come!


About L33anna

Faithful wife to Ry Duncs, Awesome Mama to 4 Pups: Hemi-Sophie-Maximus-Thor, BOA Associate, TWU Student, Chick Lit Lover, Bestie to Trang, Auntie to Lynden-Alina-Dylan-Natalia, Daughter of Don and Nuth, sister to Linda and Dennis, Daughter-in-law to Vicki and Britt. I love my family and my friends. I love Hello Kitty.

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