Ry’s 31st Birthday Trip


My baby face looking husband turned 31 on Oct 25th, 2015 and for his b-day we decided to visit our farm in Missouri. We met up with Britt and had an awesome trip considering Ry got a brand new 16 foot trailer for an awesome price and got some work accomplished. Britt brought our Landmaster side by side down so we were able to bring it back home with us on Tues (10/27) along with the tiller Britt gave us. We are so thankful since our farm in TX is super muddy when it rains so it will definitely be needed. Things are coming along and I’m so happy my baby got to celebrate his birthday with Blimpie.





About L33anna

Faithful wife to Ry Duncs, Awesome Mama to 4 Pups: Hemi-Sophie-Maximus-Thor, BOA Associate, TWU Student, Chick Lit Lover, Bestie to Trang, Auntie to Lynden-Alina-Dylan-Natalia, Daughter of Don and Nuth, sister to Linda and Dennis, Daughter-in-law to Vicki and Britt. I love my family and my friends. I love Hello Kitty.

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