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Mom’s 50th Birthday! 05/2012


Mom’s birthday is this Monday, 5/7/12. She will be 50 years old this year! I decided, after hints from mama herself, that we would throw her a surprise party. We planned for at least two weeks. Had Linda and Dad tell the friends and family. We asked them to bring something to share, whether it be fried rice or chicken and come celebrate her life with her. Sis and I went and bought drinks and plates/cups/meat the previous week. We had everything in place and everyone was in the know except my mama. I kept asking her what she wanted to do for her bday, did she wanna go to dinner or have people over…I needed to make sure she didn’t have plans on Saturday so I could take her shopping to ensure everyone had enough time to get there to surprise her.

Saturday just passed. I picked up the Cake @ market street. It was a strawberry torte. So delicious! Went to pick up my mom, Lynden and Alina and Bong Non. Earlier in the morning, Linda called me and told me that the drunken boys (Dennis and his friends) had drunkenly told mom that they were throwing her a party…hmmm…

So I pick them up and we head to Stonebriar Mall for shopping to keep her distracted til party time. I made the mistake of bringing the kids with me and they wanted to go to Dave and Busters…we played there for about an hour…we were given an unlimited card by some guys that were leaving which was nice. They had fun. After we left D&B, we went to find mama. Took mama to get her eyebrows threaded @ JustStringz. They did a nice job. After that we wandered around the mall some more. The kids were getting restless and a little bit annoying wanting this and that so I had to keep distracting them. Finally close to 5, we headed out and went to my house to pick Ryan up. 

When we finally pulled up, there were several cars in the driveway and church, but we entered the house as normal and then mom came in and we all yelled SURPRISE! They were holding the cake and she was SOOO surprised! She started crying and they put some cake on her face…It was a great surprise and I’m sooo glad we did it! I appreciate everyone who came out and helped out! 

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! I love you lots!!