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June 8, 2009


I woke up today at 8:49 AM CST and could not go back to SLEEP. I decided I would go and pick up doggie POOP so that Ryan can mow the lawn when he woke up. Well when he woke up, he started to work on the lawn and I decided that I would MOW the LAWN myself. What a great work out! It hurt my hands because I had to push really hard but I felt the burn! I also got attacked by ANTS! AHHH! So to fit into my WEDDING DRESS, I mowed the lawn and used the BLOWER to blow the was a great workout that lasted about 2 hours and I will continue to do it until Our wedding on September 19th. *Update -That lasted a short while lol but I looked great in my dress 🙂

This weekend was extremely productive and fun. I really enjoyed myself with my family and my bunny head! And my dogs!! PLUS!! we have decided with Ryan’s mom that we will be trading houses…After living in our brand new house for less than a year, we will upgrade to her big two story and she will move into our home. It is exciting and sad at the same time but I believe in the long run we will be helping each other out greatly! This next home will be our family home….where we will possibly have a human child to raise. 🙂 maybe. *Update – we sold the house in 2013 to move to our future farm in Caddo and nope, no babies.

Yesterday was my daddy’s birthday!!! We got him a ice cream cake and a cool shaver. We hung out at my parent’s house and ate lots of good food and played with the babies. My parents tried to get Vicki (Ryan’s mom) Drunk! It was funny when she tripped outside when we were leaving.

Today, Ryan put one of my tshirts on Sophie and it looked hilarious! She didn’t even care that it was on her! I took pics so I will have to post on here sometime.

Alright well that was a great three day weekend. Got work and then another three day weekend for my 22nd BIRTHDAY!!! Party on the 13th! The 15th will make me one year older! WHOOP WHOOP! See ya!