I l0VE Lists!


As the days go by, I feel I am becoming more and more domesticated…and Ry is too! He is starting to cook more and I am starting to bake more! We are growing up and acting more like grown ups. I am finally beginning to feel like an adult. I am married and playing house…Cooking, Cleaning (Ry does more of both), obviously working ( but I’ve been doing that since I was 15), and of course paying bills (been doing that for awhile too), but those are not the reasons why I feel like a grown up (being a mother to 4 pups as well!!). I feel more grown up because I see all of my little cousins and friends all grown up! I believe that I am and will always be a kid at heart…Ry too, but seeing everyone growing up sucks because that means that I am OLD! And I know I am not! At least not yet!  We barely like to leave the house now unless it is to take Thor to PetSmart. We have become such hermits. I don’t mind sO much, but it does make me feel like an old married HAG. In addition, I am going to list some things that I want really really BAD! Things only a domesticated wife would want! These will hopefully get to me by Christmas. 😉 I feel like such a dork, but I’ll list them anyway!


  • Cupcake Apron (They are soooo CUTE!) (below from ‘dotsdiner’ on etsy) bought a cute one from the mall on 8/7/10

  • Cookie Jar (I want to start a collection) got my first 2 from Ry for our 1 year anniversary!!

  • Ice Cream Maker (no need to say anything more!) bought on 7/20/10

  • Sewing Machine ( I want to be able to sew the holes in my pants so the boys at work can’t laugh at me behind my back!)
  • Deep Fryer (yum! Fried Chicken!)
  • Gravy Boat got a green one for $1 at a shop in downtown st. charles, mo.
  • Butter Dish
  • Piping Bag and accessories bought on 7/24/10
  • Grill Pan bought on 8/7/10
  • Cupcake Carrier
  • Over-the-knee boots

I will continue to add things to this list. That way when the holidays come around and Ry and family ask what I want, I can point them here! woot woot!

I want to be able to cook, clean, sew, and work! I want to be able to do lots of things, but those are domesticated enough for now.


About L33anna

Faithful wife to Ry Duncs, Awesome Mama to 4 Pups: Hemi-Sophie-Maximus-Thor, BOA Associate, TWU Student, Chick Lit Lover, Bestie to Trang, Auntie to Lynden-Alina-Dylan-Natalia, Daughter of Don and Nuth, sister to Linda and Dennis, Daughter-in-law to Vicki and Britt. I love my family and my friends. I love Hello Kitty.

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