Happy 4th of July


Wow! It has been a long time since I have been on here. The last time I was on, I was a FIANCEE. I am now a Wife and mother of 4. So technically I will consider myself a NEWLYWED. It has been almost ONE year since our Wedding Day!

Wow how time flies when you are living your life to the fullest. And NO I did not have 4 children within the last year…I have 4 pups! Before we were married, we had Hemi, our weimaraner and Sophie, our pitbull terrier. Now we have added Max, our Boston SharPugPit as well as Thor, our 6 month old Great Dane. They keep us on our toes but are the best dogs ever regardless of how annoying they can be sometime.

(Hemi and Max are in the front! Sophie is in the back.)




Now back to the present, I am sitting at work typing this up because I don’t want to forget about our awesome trip this weekend. This weekend also happened to be the first time we left all 4 pups and went on vacation. Thor, Hemi, and Sophie went to stay with Vicki and Max went to meet a new friend, Dusty at Karens.

We left around 8pm to head to our farm in MO for our 3 day July 4th Weekend. It was raining slightly, but not too bad. We had an adventure within 10 minutes of our trip, because Ry decided I should take Coit to 380. Well once we got onto the unpaved road, there was mud everywhere….He told me to keep going even though it looked like we would get stuck! Well I went through…pretty much off-roading…FUN :)……..until we came upon a man in a big red truck that was backing up. He said we should turn around because there were several cars up ahead that were stuck too! Oh BOY! So I jumped into the back seat and Ry got into the front and we turned back around. He had a good time plowing through the mud…that wasted about 30 minutes of our trip..haha….but it was still funny! I can’t believe I was able to go through that mud without getting us stuck! Amazing!

Anyhow, we ended up driving from 8pm-5 in the morning. I drove first, then Kora drove, then Ry got us there safe and sound…although I will question a couple of times he was driving cause it was so late. Up in MO, Ry’s Duncan fam has land where we go to camp and hang out. We call it a farm even though there aren’t any animals. It is so peaceful and serene. You get to see stars in the sky that are hidden from the city lights.

The first thing we did when we got there was crashed! It was so late…or should I say early! 🙂 After we woke up, Ry and I drove the big Red Tractor to cut down some long grass. I also made a fire…Pork Steaks on the open fire are soooo delicious! We did lots of other things.

(Our awesome Fire)

I shot my first rifle or gun or whatever you wanna call it. It was long and heavy and hurt like heck! I didn’t even hit a target…I sucked that badly. lol. I will practice for sure. We also rode on the MULE…it’s a faster version of a golf cart to me. haha.

(Ry on the Mule.)

(Us on the bluff on the farm)

We worked up a sweat and then went to jump in the cold river. It felt nice! On the 4th of July, we went into town and saw Fireworks. It was Mountain View’s 150th Anniversary, which was cool. We also bought a crap load of fireworks for $37! That is amazing to me!

We had so much fun popping them. One got Kora in the shoulder, I sat on a piece of one when we threw it in the fire and it burned a hole in my pants! Chris almost got hit by some flames too! All in all, we ended up alive and it was a great time. It has been years since I have popped my own fireworks. Can’t be doing that in the city!

The weekend went by quick and it sucked that we had to leave so early on Monday to get Chris home for his test, but I still had fun! Ry is now planning on moving us there one day. I dunno…we will have to see. Hope everyone else had a great 4th of July!!! Wow how time flies! We have 5 more months until 2011!!!


About L33anna

Faithful wife to Ry Duncs, Awesome Mama to 4 Pups: Hemi-Sophie-Maximus-Thor, BOA Associate, TWU Student, Chick Lit Lover, Bestie to Trang, Auntie to Lynden-Alina-Dylan-Natalia, Daughter of Don and Nuth, sister to Linda and Dennis, Daughter-in-law to Vicki and Britt. I love my family and my friends. I love Hello Kitty.

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